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  Ankara Araştırmaları Dergisi: 7 (1)
Volume: 7  Issue: 1 - 2019
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1.The Poiesis of Everyday Life and Space in Yüksel Street
Duygu Cihanger Ribeiro
doi: 10.5505/jas.2019.63825  Pages 1 - 25

2.A Tale of Ulus Square: Emergence, Transformation and Change
Elif Selena Ayhan Koçyiğit
doi: 10.5505/jas.2019.82905  Pages 27 - 73

3.Designing with Aluminium: Aluminium in the Architecture of 1970s Ankara
Funda Uz
doi: 10.5505/jas.2019.00710  Pages 75 - 103

4.Spatial Transformations and Changing Everyday Life Practices in the New Mamak Urban Regeneration Project, Ankara
Burcu Göközkut, Mehmet Somuncu
doi: 10.5505/jas.2019.48030  Pages 105 - 124

5.Ankara as a Cinema Set: Reading Architectural History of the City through Ankara Films
doi: 10.5505/jas.2019.92005  Pages 125 - 146

6.Cinema Culture in Ankara in the Early Cold War Period
Semih Gökatalay
doi: 10.5505/jas.2019.39974  Pages 147 - 174

7.A Place that Left its Mark on Ankara’s Urban Life: The Kızılay Store of Vakko
Umut Şumnu, Begüm Uluyurt
doi: 10.5505/jas.2019.43434  Pages 175 - 195

8.Urban Mobilization in the 1960s: Esat Neighbourhood as an Example of Urban Interior, Everyday Life and Structural Transformation
Güliz Küçüktaşdemir
doi: 10.5505/jas.2019.83792  Pages 197 - 211

9.A Socio-Spatial Analysis Attempt Regarding the Local Elections in the Central and Peripheral Districts of Ankara
Savaş Zafer Şahin
doi: 10.5505/jas.2019.84856  Pages 213 - 223

10.The Aydinians: A Catholic Family Between Ankara and Istanbul
Aved Kelleci
doi: 10.5505/jas.2019.63935  Pages 225 - 253

11.Once Upon a Time Posta Caddesi
Savaş Recep Sönmez
doi: 10.5505/jas.2019.41275  Pages 257 - 281

Call For Paper
Journal of Ankara Studies / 16th Issue : Submission deadline for papers is August 15, 2020

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the Journal of Ankara Studies writing prize is Sezen Savran with the paper titled "Exploring the Locational Preferences of Syrian Migrants in Ankara and a Case Study of Önder, Ulubey, and Alemdağ Neighborhoods as an Ethnic Urban Enclave” published in V7.I2.

From 2019 onwards, our center has decided to sponsor an annual writing prize. One writer under 35 years old or researcher who has obtained a doctorate within five years who publishes in the Journal of Ankara Studies will be given the journal's special writing prize of 1,000 TL by an independent jury appointed by the VEKAM Board of Directors.

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